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The movie Friday night lights carries about 1988 Odessa-Permian high school team’s state championship challenge story. In general, this film is about how 17years old boys who play as a high school football player got challenged after their ace “Bobbie Miles” hurts and how they handle that situation by expressing their passion of football and circumstances. This film, however, also project why football serves as a metaphor for the hopes and dreams of the townspeople in Odessa. As an international student, I never understood why football is this popular in the U.S., but while watching the film, I could see some cultural values projected in film to reflect why American obsessed with football in that era. Among that I would like to discuss the main culture value in this essay - “Frontier Spirit”.…show more content…
Odessa is a small town in Texas where lots of various ethnic working class is living. After the Oil Boom and became oil glut, Odessa became a poverty-stricken town where regional economy is devastated. The only entertainment and hope they could have was high school football games which were held on Friday night. Because football, a team game that need to step forward every duration that heading to touchdown, symbolize “Frontier Spirit”. On the radio, in the beginning of the film, shows how Odessa was expecting the team to win the state championship game- talking about giving high amount of salary to coach Gaines and mentioning “principle of Permian no gets 28000 people”, Coach Gaines’s speech “we are in the business protecting this town”, always asking to player “Go win state”, putting all support money not to school but to the stadium ,and blaming player as “school let them study hard” when they lost the game shows how town peoples treated high school football game as their life and got vicarious satisfaction. Thus, all town people obsessed with winning state

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