Lincoln Electric Company Case Study

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Lincoln Electric Company What is the right culture to choose for your business? Do you want to be team oriented, innovative, aggressive or outcome oriented? For a business, this decision, of choosing a work culture often dictates unforeseen outcomes. But why choose one? The Lincoln Electric Company decided to use many of the of the seven work culture profiles to create their own unique business culture. It will be the goal of this essay to understand the seven different work cultures and discover which work culture the Lincoln Electric Company resembles best. The seven different work cultures that will be reviewed are innovative, aggressive, outcome oriented, stable, people oriented, team oriented and detail oriented. How does a business become an innovative business culture? An…show more content…
The aggressive business culture loves competiveness and loves beating their competitors. They will often in some ways hurt themselves in the short run to win in the long run. (Carpenter, pg 188) With the research that was done, it was not found that Lincoln Electric had an aggressive business culture. But, it should be noted that the market that they were in was very price competitive. (Sharplin, pg.…show more content…
A people oriented business culture focuses on fairness, always working toward supportiveness and the rights of the individual. These types of businesses value treating people with dignity and respect. (Carpenter, pg 188-189) The way Lincoln incorporates the people oriented culture into their business is through training and education. Lincoln does not give, or pay for offsite education, reason being employee fairness. Lincoln feels that everyone can’t take advantage of offsite education so they do not offer it to anyone, instead they all employee’s are given on the job training. (Sharplin, pg

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