Montana 1948 Theme Essay

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Montana 1948 is a story told by David Hayden who is fifty-two years old but at the time of the story is 12 years old. He tells about how his life was while living in Mercer County. David experienced many troubles and hardships during the summer of 1948 such as, not wanting to live there but live in the city, not knowing who to trust and what to feel, also not being treated the way he wanted to be. David wanted to feel as though he had a voice and that someone cared about the things he had to say, but his parents never thought it was his place to know things they would talk about. In the story, he also mentions many different themes like, loyalty vs. justice, prejudice, and others but what stood out the most to me was loyalty vs. justice.…show more content…
He didn't want to arrest his own brother that everyone loved, not only would his parents be mad at him but it would make him look like the bad guy and he knew that. Wes decided to do the “right thing” by arresting him but only putting him in the basement. He tried to stay loyal to his brother and show him at least some respect by not placing him in real jail, which he didn’t deserve. Wes stopped him from doing any more Indian girls wrong, and he was proud of himself for doing that much, but he still felt bad because it was his brother, and his parents, dad specifically, hated that he would do that to his own brother. Through this whole ordeal, David knew what was going on, and he knew his dad was doing what he thought was right, but David himself was disgusted, he didn't think his uncle Frank would do a thing like that. I think what Wes did wasn't exactly right, but I think he would have made a difference. He wanted to protect his family, which he looked at Marie as if she was part of the family, but he still wanted to serve his country. He made the decision that he had to take action and stop his brother from abusing his power and taking advantage of those Indian girls. The theme says a lot about this story and it shows that sometimes you have to make a harsh decision even if it goes against your loyalty towards family, friends,

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