Why Should College Players Be Paid

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College sports make college universities a lot of profit. So don’t you think that the players deserve a little something for their benefits to the university. The players risk their well being and go out and perform to the best of their abilities. The players should be paid an amount of money from the university after their collegiate careers, just based on the fact that they have such a small chance in going pro. The players are not going to be able to get the time back that they spent playing those sports. Players are put on television and have people buy their jersey number event though it doesn’t have their name on them it is meant for that player. Players that want to go to a professional sport have to go through college first so…show more content…
These student athletes going out and preforming at their best is what makes these stations the high amounts of money and rating they get. The jerseys they sell with college uniforms and numbers are kind of rigged in a way. People only buy them for the specific player who plays with that number. For example at LSU the number 7 has been made famous from players throughout the years and those jerseys you can find anywhere in Baton Rouge. If some player who didn’t play much of an effect on the team within the past few years the college would not be selling that jersey cause its not what the fans want. So if you are going to televise these players and sell jerseys with their numbers on it don’t you think they should share some of the profit with the athletes they make their fortunes with. The players are required to play in the NCAA before going to any big sports league such as the NFL and NBA. College athletes at least have to spend one to two years in college which stops them from being paid their huge contracts they will get when they go to the pro
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