Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Recently there has been an ongoing battle about whether collegiate athletes should be paid for playing. There are many reasons why college athletes should not be paid and there are many people who debate that college athletes should be paid. Athletes should not be paid to play at the collegiate level. People often have many misconceptions on why they believe college athletes should be paid when infact they do not understand the full effects of what paying the athletes would have. One reason why college athletes should not be paid is because, people think that colleges have an immense amount of money, when in fact they most colleges are barely profitable off of sports. According to Social Issues in Sport by Ron Woods, “A relatively small…show more content…
The fact that only less than one third of Division I football and basketball programs actually make money would come to a surprise to most advocates of the debate side that believes college athletes should be paid. Also stated in Social Issues in Sport is that “When we consider entire sport programs, only 19 of the 119 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institutions had positive net revenue, and all the rest showed negative net revenue. In fact, the median net loss for all 119 FBS programs in 2006 was $7.2 million” (Woods, 2011, pp 66). That translates to only 16% of programs in the FBS had generated a positive net revenue. People who want to pay collegiate athletes do not realize that most of the programs are actually losing money instead of making it. Of course one could make the argument that the athletes that attend the colleges that have a positive revenue should be the ones getting paid. This would not be fair to the students of other programs who have negative revenue. One result of if college athletes were paid is that the tuition for the students would increase. The colleges would have to increase the tuition so to compensate for them paying the athletes. If tuition increased then people would have trouble…show more content…
One form of compensation which they receive is scholarships. According to, student athletes on average receive scholarships about a $15,000 a year. Most student athletes graduate without student loans due to the fact that they are compensated so well with scholarships. According to, collegiate athletes are also compensated through free room, meal plans, books, and other miscellaneous things. Also stated in forbes, at the bigger, more successful universities, athletes also receive academic counseling, tutoring, life skill training, and even nutritional advice. Collegiate athletes also have free personal coaches, strength and fitness trainers, along with physical therapists. Forbes also states that those same trainers cost football and basketball players about $2,000 a week. Another form of compensation for student athletes is that they gain an immense amount of fame. Pro teams constantly have scouts at collegiate games watching players to see how they perform. Also the fame and publicity gained at the collegiate level helps athletes earn larger contracts in the professional level. Another factor that fame brings is that the athletes are building their brand and can get endorsement contracts. According to, another way college athletes are being compensated is that they receive access to an education through

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