Why Do Student Athletes Get Paid

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After this past college football season, student-athletes across the country have said they deserve to earn a paycheck for participating in their sport. Student-athletes at Northwestern unionized to attempt to get their college football more like a job than an extracurricular activity (Ganim). Others across the nation want to follow in the same footsteps. I believe college sports are just an extra college experience and that academics should be their first priority. While the NCAA makes more than 6 billion from the March Madness Tournament, college athletes should not be paid, because non-profit sports, such as lacrosse or soccer, could suffer or get eliminated, it diminishes the value of an education, and student-athletes at Division I schools get a free education worth up to $45,000. Most of the student athletes who want to get paid are already getting full scholarships. These scholarships cover tuition fees, room and board, and textbooks. These athletes are also getting expert coaching and medical care; that’s just about all of your expenses for college except if you want extra spending money. A full scholarship at an in-state public school is worth about $15,000, out of state is $25,000, and…show more content…
How much would they get paid? Football and basketball are the only college sports that make the big money.Would players who participate in sports that don’t produce revenue get paid as much as those in big-money sports? That isn’t fair because both players could’ve but in the same amount of work as the other (McCauley). Would players be paid by their performance on the field? No, that’s not fair at all to the other athletes. Big schools, such as Alabama, make millions of dollars on sport revenue. These schools use this money to pay for other sports, such as soccer and lacrosse, that don’t make a profit (Majerol). Most colleges would end up losing money from sports and become bankrupt if they had to pay all of their
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