Analysis: Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Should college athletes be paid? “The NCAA and its corporate partners make billions of dollars from college athletes. Those players should be compensated for their hard work (“Paying College Athletes”) Every, year college athletes spend large amounts of their time in games and practices for their preferred sport. Games such as football bowl games and March Madness games, colleges make a lot of money of their college athletes. College athletes should most definitely be paid because colleges make thousands of dollars a year off of their athletes, college athletes making no money off of jersey sales and ticket sales, and athletes get a small scholarship fund. Every season of college sports, especially football, colleges makes tons of money players. As stated in an article “For…show more content…
For example, “There is a reason why it is called college sports. It is called college sports because the athletes that play in it are students and not professionals” (Cooper). The college athletes are not professionals so it would be against NCAA rules and it would cross the line between amateurism and professional. If college athletes did get paid kids would start to rely on their athletics rather than academics to make money. Secondly, another example is “colleges are paying enough money to build facilities, pay coaches, give scholarships, and pay athletic directors to make sure that they have the best chance of winning” (Cooper). If schools had to pay all of their athletes on top of other fees, the school would be in major debt. In conclusion, college athletes should not be paid because they are amateurs and are going to school learn about their profession for later in life. According to Horace Mitchell Students are in college for education, not
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