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The role of society is crucial in an individual’s development. Societal groups help shape a human’s personality. A supportive social group is a positive aspect of ones life. It is essential that a person feels himself as part of a group at his own wish, and that the group voluntarily accepts him and takes in his personality. Society becomes evil when it refuses to assimilate with an individual’s personality, and instead tries to change him to fit into an uncomfortable mold that has previously been constructed for him. Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, uses his novel to display the horror of a society gone wrong. He uses machines a to exemplify how society gains control and suppresses individuality and natural impulses. The hospital represents society and as whole. Kesey depicts it as an unnatural, machine-like place. He describes Nurse Ratched as being made of machine parts. In a dream Chief Bromden has, Blastic bleeds rust instead of blood, insinuating that the hospital destroyed his humanity along with his life. As Bromden begins to realize the unnatural tactics of the hospital, he gains self-awareness. The fog surrounding him, that Bromden believes is constructed by Nurse…show more content…
The first three lines of the poem all start with “I”, followed by a verb transmitting a type of consciousness. The first line, “I wake to sleep” sets a tone for the entirety of the the poem. Roethke is saying that humans are stuck in between two seemingly contradictory states. Through the influence of society, these states have merged together as one. The next “I” describes feeling. Roethke says that he feels his fate, and he does not fear it. Perhaps because fate is an abstract emotion, he is unable to fear it. The third “I” is learning. Roethke refuses to be sucked into societies grasp; he is constantly on the move. He follows his fate and goes “where he needs to go.” He uses travels as learning

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