Brave New World Class Inequality Analysis

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Brian Martinez Ms. Matlen ERWC May 8, 2015 Class Struggle Inequality in different social classes exists everywhere. Poor people struggle to maintain and survive with the little pay or work they have or find, while the rich on the other hand arent affected as much or even affected at all by the changes in the economy status. in the text Brave New World, Aldous Huxley illustrates of a social being society where everyone is happy, but the people dont realize or question the inequality within their social classes. the government Strives to preserve the status quo within all social classes. they strive to preserve it so itll keep the powerful top class on top of the pyramid and so no one else moves up or down in the social class pyramid. Karl…show more content…
The government has inflexible control of everyone since birth. This process is revealed in the text when Huxley states, "now we proceed to rub in the lesson with a mild electric shock"{Huxley21}. Here Huxley is demonstrating the process where the state conditions new born infants starting since birth. Here the state starts of by placing a child in a room with flowers and books. The objective of this is to build a state of mind of fear. As the child reaches and grabs the books or flowers he or she will get an electric shock, which will bring the child fear. They repeat this process once or twice. The state wants the to build a state of mind of fear towards books and flowers because books are reflected on as meaning, education,questions,learning and flowers reflect as social stability, freedom, nature. If they build a state of mind of fear the individuals as they grow up wont question social stability or question the social class…show more content…
Marxist Theory that consist of controlling masses is applied by Aldous Huxley in his novel Brave New World. In Huxley’s Novel the higher positioned individuals in social structure, control the lower caste people. Huxley includes this when he illustrates “said the Controller, stability. No civilization without stability. No social stability without individual stability. His voice was a trumpet. Listening they felt larger, warmer” (Huxley42). Social control, in Marxist perspective, is included in Brave New World that the higher more elite members of society control the lower

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