Grow Up? Not So Fast Analysis

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To college, or not to college? That is the question Today more than ever, in our society, a college education is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Kids these days are raised to believe that we need a college education so we can succeed in life. However, now that technology is constantly advancing and computers can basically run everything, is a college education really worth the time and money? There are people out there that have never attended college and are way better off than most middle class citizens. Both sides have valid arguments. Some people decide to further their educations because they feel pressured by friends, family, and counselors to attend college or they feel that college is the logical thing to do after graduating from high school. In the essay “Grow up? Not so Fast” Lev Grossman talks about how people attend college not because they want to but because…show more content…
They feel that they could be making money by working instead of wasting money by going to college and getting in to debt to pay to finance their college career. They might also feel that they are wasting their youth stuck in a university rather than being free to explore all that the world has to offer. In the essay “Generation Debt” by Anya Kamenetz, she talks about how students feel like they are wasting time attending classes and learning things that they will never use in the real world. Many times, these useless classes only put them further and further in debt (Kamenetz 147). Many college students start their university years with very little especially if they aren't living at home since they have to budget for all the expenses accompanied with living on your own. Many times, these students end up having to get student loans, and max their line of credit just to survive as college students. When you think of college in these terms, college doesn't seem to be as appealing as most people might

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