Participation Trophiess Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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Have you thought about what Participation trophies do for you or your kid? People have been talking about should kids and teens receive participation trophies or not. Almost everybody will have a different opinion on yes or and have different reasons. I think that kids should not receive participation trophies while participating in sports. Kids and teens should not receive participation trophies for a number of reasons. one reason could be that kids will not learn from mistakes they made. If they are given a trophy even when the make a mistake they will never learn from the mistakes you make because they are getting rewarded and they won’t think that those mistakes mattered. For instance, Ashley Merryman author of “Losing is Good for you” says “I rather that realize that there are no stakes and can move on, rather than a kid when they are old they realize not everybody is going to give them a trophy.”(Website #3). Another reason is kids need to know how the real world is. Ashley Merryman author of “Losing is Good for you” said, “When awards are given to them for almost nothing, why bother learning problem solving skills, when there are neer obstacles to begin with.”(Website #1). Former NFL…show more content…
Jason Powers author of “Science says participation trophies are a big win for the little ones” says that participation trophies send a message that losing is acceptable (website #2 ). But, others might say kids should not be rewarded for losing because it makes the kids think that they don't have to do anything but they will still get rewarded. However, Dr. Joe Evans, a child psychologist and director of the University of Nebraska medical center says “Awarding kids motivates them to develop an interest in spots (website #2). Even so, if kids don’t get rewarded with participation trophies they will want to keep playing so that they do get the trophy that they were not able to get

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