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Order VS Chaos Order is when things happen in an expected manner, chaos is when order is broken, and things become unpredictable, and is often dangerous. Although order and chaos are opposites, they cannot exist without the other. This can be easily noticed in many places, such as the ecosystem we depend on. Animals thrive together, and the population grows. However, pollution occasionally disrupts the environment, and creates a disproportionate amount of an animal to its predator, creating chaos. The seasons rotate in a set order, but sometimes weather associated with a certain season does not appear, or shows up in a different season. “Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” -Henry Adams In the book Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer’s expedition group is one of the most prepared, with Rob Hall as their guide. He struggles against nature to climb Mt. Everest, but on summit day, a storm hits, creating chaos, and killing people. Jon survives because he returns quickly enough, while others die due to their insistence about climbing the mountain, or from other factors. Although the plan was good, and they had everything planned out, the mountain still surprised them with the…show more content…
The people in The Giver send all their memories, both painful and happy to the receiver, eliminating any possibility of suffering, but also of happiness. So, people will never lack something emotionally, or physically from needs like hunger, but they also are not complete, as the happiness they have is not real, and none of them have compassion, as they kill anyone who is not fitting their standards. No risks are taken that could end in a conflict between people. The elders only use memory as a resource for knowledge, and have no other value for it. Using the knowledge, they get rid of everything that is disruptive and has no practical purpose, such as snow or

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