Jupiter And Callisto Analysis

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his painting I will be discussing is, Jupiter and callisto, by Francis Boucher, The most important precursor of French Impressionism. "Francoise Boucher was perhaps the most celebrated decorative artist of 18th century, with most of his work the rococo style." Francoise Boucher was also one of the most a popular artists of the 18th century. While a very popular artist, his works caused quite a stir in a society controlled by conservative values. This picture painted a moon shape by Bucher. This painting depicts a scene of two young women and two naked kids having a conservation each other in outdoors surrounded by nature. The painting depicts an unusual scene: a scantily clad woman, well dress woman, and including a dog. Just above the young women, this picture portray that…show more content…
What sets these two figures apart is their clothing and accessories they are holding in their hands. In a way, the clothing may suggest a separation of class, or a completely different point in their lives. The lady on the right wears a pristine white dress with lacelike details which may suggest that she is a sister which is cover up. The dress is almost entirely white except for small embedded details on the bottom. The white dress represents purity and cleanliness. one other side woman wear pink dress which is show up she is kindness. a combination woman dress shows that she is helping to success and insight offer by white. The four figures create formal triangle in the center of the piece. This technique is a traditional method of organizing and balancing the weight of the painting. This picture interested in the way that left hand is bent around white color, so that picture tells that the left of her hand very much likely the young girl serpent. In the right hand pointing at sword, she is sitting on the white cloth pointing at blue cloth. The form of the painting is two-dimensional oil on canvas. Boucher is using an atmospheric perspective by incorporating a landscape in the

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