Why Police Use Force

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When you hear in the news that the police use force to the suspect what does that mean or why are they use force. There are many reasons why police use force to help some of the situations that they are in. The use of force is when law enforcement agency use physical restraint to gain control of a person that is being unruly in a situation. When police officers use force is when they are in a circumstance like self-dense or in a defense of other person or individual in a group. Every day police officers face dangers when they are on the job while they are carrying responsibilities to protect their community. Law enforcement should use force when mitigate and incident or making an arrested or protecting themselves or other from harm. There…show more content…
First they use Officer Presence it is when no force is used, considered the best way to resolve a situation. The second on is Verbalization is when force is not physical and the third on is Empty-Hand Control is when the officers use bodily force to gain control of a situation. For example when officers grab and holds and joints to lock to restrain an individual. The next one is Less-Lethal Methods it is when officers use less lethal technologies to gain control of the situation. And the last one is Lethal Force it is when an officers use lethal weapons to gain control of a situation and also to be used if a suspect poses a serious threat to the officers or to an another individual that are there. I found an article the Police Public contract a survey that people that who had contract with police during the 12 months like driving in a traffic stop or for some other reason were asked if the polices used or threatened to use force against them during contact. Among the finds they found is that and estimated 1.4% had forced used or threatened against them. Males were more likely than females to have force used or threatened against them and blacks were more likely than whites or Hispanics who experience use or threat of…show more content…
Because he use force to protect his safe and other the neighbor safety. I think Officer Wilson it the right thing. Because they have evidence that Mr. Brown was trying to get fight Officer Wilson. Officer Wilson did use of force right because Mr. Brown was trying to hurt him. Now after everything that happen with Officer Wilson and Mr. Brown. Now all you hear or see on social media that police officers are using more force and more accidents are coming out. Every time you watch the news you hear about an officers shot and killed a person or you will see video of officers using force. Well the video’s only show the police officers taking down the suspect and showing them being kind of mean. But the people don’t show all the video and showing why the police officers are using that kind of

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