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Other Factors Contributing to Violent Police criminality Police criminality plays a major role in some inner-city teen's depression and drives them to hate. How so? By being a teenager and watching your best friend, a family member, or your parents murdered by some “bandits in uniform” who are supposed to be cops. And when we know the real definition of such a word, we also learn its duty, which is to serve and protect. Those kinds of police officers make it difficult for every other cop who has the will to serve their communities and the citizens of their country. No matter what those bad and crooked police officers are doing out there, I know for sure that there are still some good cops in the police departments across the USA, such as: Officer Tucker, Officer…show more content…
And that’s exactly why we are paying them, isn’t that something? But no matter what, it doesn’t give anybody the right to shoot at cops and even kill them; it’s outrageous. You need to be behind bars for life, because I don’t believe in death penalty (injection or electric chair). For me it’s another form of murder. It’s just criminals killing criminals. There is no such thing as the right to commit murder. A murderer is a murderer, period. If you are thinking about killing cops, you should think otherwise, because without them, good or bad, crooked or not, it would be hell without their presence on the streets. Decent citizens wouldn’t be able to walk the streets. Every corner in every city in the United States of America would be a war zone. There’s no doubt about it. Don’t you even think for a split-second that you can get away with murder, especially when you kill a police officer. No matter what, they are going to get you, and you’d better believe

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