Police Abuse Of Force

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Literature Review The police and their abuse of force have always been checked by many jurisdictions with much discretion that allows them to use force to certain extent. Some police officers believe use of force is considered to be appropriate in the event of handling a suspect who is resisting arrest. Yet, the amount of force that police can use when making an arrest is a subject manner of concern and controversy, thus not using their reasoning. They have discretion to use much as force they can do at the time of the arrest to protect the public and themselves. There have been countless stories of police officers over abusing their power and targeting individuals with no remorse, for example Rodney king. In march 3, 1991, a police…show more content…
The video was very graphic and disturbing about the Rodney king beat up in the hands of the police. The media covered the issue vastly, calling an important issue with the law enforcement and the fact that police abuse was not evenly a problem in the United States. After that event came to end, six years later more police abuse was making headlines in the news and was demonstrating to be a significant problem across the nation in policing. Police abuse is a serious problem that concluded to be a national problem. It has a long history of police abuse stories and it’s rapidly on the rise. Even though the Department of Justice is trying to solve this nation subject manner and protecting people’s civil rights, it will take some time and people don’t have the patience in justice. There are vast amount of remedies that can cure, or in other words, lessen police power, but not one can be the exact solution. Every theory must experimented and pick what works effectively. One remedy that can help stop police brutality is from your voice and other peoples voice. One voice cannot change policies but a large degree of voices can and will lead you to a change in police policies…show more content…
There is no sufficient way to witness this in first sight, but it can be observe through web videos and TV shows like “Cops”. While watching the web videos and multiple TV shows, physical arrest will occur and resisting and not complying with officers will upraise the conflict. Sometimes while watching these videos and analyzing I can conclude that the police use force is theoretically important because it involves an order or absolute function of the state which can be important because it ultimately affects the public’s attitudes and behaviors towards the police department and in politics. In much of its important concept of policing it has placed an understanding of why it varies. There are three types of explanations that have been concluded in this study, the individual characteristics of the policemen, and the type of the situation in which the police meet the public, and the organization the police work

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