Body Cameras Persuasive Essay

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As people continue to respond to the killing of Michael Brown and the issue of police brutality, many citizens of the United States say that putting body cameras on police would be a good solution. “Every time there is a bad outcome between police and the public, people are going to want to know what really happened,” says Senator Malloy. “Why not use the best technology available to reduce the uncertainty that has been dividing our country (quoted in Williams)?” What people are trying to say is that the police do need cameras for all the misleading and confusing stories. Americans want cameras on police to prevent any mix-up. Police brutality is a very serious issue and there are ways to resolve the issue. One might say, "Well cops have nothing…show more content…
Body cameras provide the ability to save an officers job by showing everything that took place in the encounter with the civilian (Gass). Studies have proven that body cameras decrease an officer’s use of force complaints. When citizens aren’t reporting complaints or recording for themselves the news, and media have nothing to talk about (Gass). Police accountability is what Americans want to see moving forward. Using cameras while the officer is training is where the police agencies should begin. Having the officer properly trained and by wearing a camera the officer may go through the footage with the training officer and fix problems that officer has when encountering a civilian (Harvard Law Review). But there may be a problem with privacy concerns when wearing a body camera. There must be policies set in place so that there is no way that police may edit footage or turn the camera off (Vega). By Wearing body cameras incidents will be viewed and there would be no question whether the officer had the right to use force and the public would see that. There wouldn’t be any more news coverage of police brutality because it will have been recorded. If that were to occur the relationships between police and citizens would be restored. Restoring the relationships between police officers and civilians is very important, and with body cameras holding the officers accountable, relationships will

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