Police Brutality Research Paper

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Marshall Lewis Mrs. Gallos English 3 March 20, 2018 Police Brutality I have done my research on police brutality. Even though there isn't enough being done, Police brutality should be more heavily enforced against because cases of brutality are way too common. Police brutality has become a growing problem all over the country but it is not just in America, cases of police brutality can be found worldwide.The biggest problem with police brutality is that too many officers are getting away with extreme violence with very little if any reprimandations. There are some steps being taken to combat the problem but not enough is being done to make a large impact. Some problems with the way officers are assigned their patrol areas are that they…show more content…
“Police must be routinely and randomly tested for steroids and other illegal drugs”("17 Solutions To). If officers are more routinely checked for drugs that could affect their mind or make them act differently, then incidents of excessive force could be prevented. If any tests were to be made then they must be random and unannounced so that the officers would not to be able to prepare or flush any drugs out of their body beforehand. If officers happened to be under the influence of any kind of drug then it could change their decision making process and could make them make bad…show more content…
If they did something bad one time they could do it again.”Bad Apples MUST Be Fired – they are toxic and dangerous”("17 Solutions To). Many police stations try to protect these “bad apples” and keep them from getting in really serious trouble with the government. If any officer is convicted they should have more severe consequences than just being fired. The male dominated American police force should take a turn and begin employing more women than men. Many studies have shown that women more easily de-escalate situations, and are calmer and less intimidating.”Take women from 12% of police to 50% of police – they are more professional, less brutal, and just as effective.”("17 Solutions To). Women are also more likely to follow orders closer. Women will also be less likely to use excessive force unless absolutely necessary. Body cams must be used more than they are because they can be used to document and record crucial moments in cases of excessive violence and force. “We need to unleash the full power of body cameras.(17 solutions to)”. If body cams were to be more widely used, more officers could be convicted of their crimes. Body cams could also be used as a deterrent to commit violence because the offers would know they would be found guilty. If the officer was filmed doing the crime, they would be more easily convicted and released from

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