Lain-American Police Corruption

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Topic sentence 1: Corruption has existed ever since the introduction of policing and will continue to be a presence, necessary and an unavoidable aspect of police work. Evidence/research: To validate this point, a definition of what corruption is will be provided, the definition will be by (Kleinig, 1996). Topic sentence 2: Corruption in the police force and throughout the entire world is an unavoidable aspect and is a part of being a police officer. Evidence/research: To illustrate this point, references will be made to a book that illustrates that no matter what police officer you are, corruption is bound to happen, this can happen by a various amount of activities ranging from police laziness to violent behaviour. (Punch, 2009). Topic sentence 3: Police officers in Latin American countries are met with enormous challenges, including the tendency to look out for their own interest due to unsolved political and social problems within their country and police force.…show more content…
(Luiz and Stewart, 2013) Topic sentence 4: Corruption within the police force happen because of many factors, these factors can be put into a typology that explain why corruption occurs and the type of corruption that occurs. Evidence/research: To validate this point, examples of what type of corruption occurs within the police force and the description of each will be included, (Roebuck and Barker, 1974) and (Punch, 2000). Topic sentence 5: There are many other factors that contribute to corruption within the police force, these reasons can be divided into constant and variable factors and make corruption within the police force necessary and

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