Tupac And My Non-Thug Life Analysis

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Emotions are a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Emotions are part of being a human being and must be dealt with on a daily basis. Some try and deny they have them and think they can get away with saying, “I’m fine,” but there is simply no escaping them. There are pros and cons to having emotions. A pro could be feeling joy and enjoying life, but a con could be the emotional impact of a specific event. Jenee Desmond-Harris, a journalist for Root, wrote an article called “Tupac and My Non-Thug Life”, where she recalls an emotional event in her life that she will always remember. Desmond-Harris writes about her first year in high school, when famous rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered. Although she had never met him, Desmond-Harris felt close ties with him because she was raised on his music, and attached many positive emotions with him. Since she had those tied emotions, it hurt her emotionally to find out that her beloved idol had passed away. She recalls how the event made her feel, and how she mourned her loss. At one point in everyone’s lives, they will experience a significant emotional event, some sooner than others. Whether it be positive or negative, it will change the way one acts and will always be remembered. Some events are stronger than others, and…show more content…
People who are acting purely on emotion may seem like they aren’t thinking, but cognition is important in interpreting them, especially in remembered events. Some theories suggest that emotions are caused by a series of physical and psychological changes, which alter our behavior. Emotions are either directed at something (such as anger) or aren’t directed at anything (such as depression). The amygdala, hippocampus, and hypothalamus are the parts of our brains that are connected with emotions. Emotions are simply a part of life, but sometimes, they can alter a situation drastically, leaving it in your memory

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