Why Movies Are Made Into Serials

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Movies are made into serials by cutting them into short episodes for example ‘The Simpsons’. Most people prefer watching it as a movie while a few like watching it as a serial because they pass their time watching it little by little than watching it over and over again. Recently, a week ago there was debate in class regarding movies and serials. Most of the students were for movies while a few were for serials. In addition most of them said that serials are long, boring and drag on for months and even years(time consuming) and at times disturb ones peace of mind since it continues the best part the next day which makes many people waste their time thinking about the future episodes. It was concluded that movies are preferred to serials by school…show more content…
Movie star attested from 1913. Another early name for it was photoplay. (Harper, 2010) Firstly movies are the best past time. Movies not only entertains a person it shows ones creativity. Most of the time movies are basically short stories which speak about the background, personality, culture etc. it speaks about different issues in a indirect manner and at times even directly. It shows us innovative ways of solving issues and problems. Secondly movies are watched more by youngsters. They find movies quite interesting since movie has short stories. In most cases, film acting is much more detailed .Casting directors frequently tell actors auditioning to do less. Even emotionally charged scenes can be ‘smaller’ when it comes to the performances. This is often where many coaches and casting directors say confusing things like “stop acting”. They want less, and less is more in film. It may be due to the fact that an actor (and the character they’re portraying) has more time to gradually show their emotional journey in a movie, as opposed to a thirty-minute or hour-long TV show. (Smith, 2012). Thirdly, Movies have more options how and where to watch. Almost all movies are found on internet. Which makes it easier

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