Effects Of Mass Media In Movies

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Violence and crime influence in films Speech Outline Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the negative and positive attributes of cultural influences provided by mass media specifically films that use violence and crime. Central Idea: Different forms of mass media such as video games, music, television and films are made to entertain, also can present overtly criminal and violent actions that impact the psychological state of the adolescence up to adulthood where society associates, and the behavior becomes socially acceptable and a normality. Transition: Once I tell the audience the topic I am informing them about, I will then begin my speech by giving supportive background information of brief stories of society being influenced…show more content…
Specific genres such as Horror, Action, and Crime movies were initially created not to inspired, rather entertain due to the suspenseful effect the audience receives from wanting to know the fatality of the main characters who indulge in their criminal ways. Will H. Hays was the president of Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America who created strict guidelines for filmmakers to obey when making popular mobster/gangster film in 1922 to 1945. Transition: After I discuss the differentiation from mass media to reality and how they’re able to influence. I will discuss precautions previously created post Pre-Code Era to stifle films. I will discuss the Hays Code, censorship, and the severity these rules created for law makers and effects this had on filmmakers and society. I will also discuss how Hollywood becomes less strict and monitor movies later in the 90’s with the MPAA rating system and what the ratings mean. IV. Hays Code implemented stringent rules that stated movies should not glorify the corrupt. These movies should reflect the bad guys receiving some form of punishment for their wrongdoing, so the audience will better understand crime doesn’t pay…show more content…
II. Movies are influential to encouraging and positive movements dealing with race, religion, economic class or sexuality that inspired the aspiration for a better future for those who face discrimination, poverty and other trials. A. Movies can also influence and encourage a positive response and address real life issues that seems hidden or misunderstood through a bigger demographic. B. Movies can also unite people when addressing positive and equal representation on the big screen. This can be seen through gender, ethnic or sexuality. Transition: I will summarize the trials and positives and conclude by addressing how the media does influence the way we live. Conclusion Mass media such as films do have the ability to influence in a damaging way that is seen through crime and violence films such as Mobster/Gangster movies that exude immoral behavior. This can be prevented by monitoring what the children in your household watch and honoring age requirement and ratings systems such as the MPAA. Films also possess the ability to be influential and inspire artistically and

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