Essay On Dolphins

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Every year, thousands of innocent dolphins are brutally killed. If they somehow manage to escape the odds of being murdered, Dolphins typically lose their lives accidentally, due to industrialization, which is steadily on the rise. No matter where they turn, Dolphins face life-risking danger. Humans often forget to look below the surface, while they are fixated on their daily lives above water. They are oblivious to the amount of harm they are aimlessly causing to an animal that plays a huge role in their surrounding environment. Many humans have it in their head that because dolphins are large animals, much like sharks, they can surely cause just as much harm humanity. What most humans don’t realize, however, is that Dolphins benefit them more than they cause harm. They are necessary to…show more content…
Unlike in Taiji, Japan, the Indian government actually made it illegal to captivate dolphins after the declaration was made. Dolphins are like humans in many ways. Like humans, dolphins prefer to socialize with their groups, also known as “pods”. A Humans social group can be very diverse, and so can a dolphins. There is no exact number of dolphins that a pod can consist of. It can range from as large or as small as they wish. Within their pods, also like humans, dolphins can speak different dialects to their pod members, which would be compared to different accents. Dolphins will also give their pod members names, but instead of calling out names like “Jimmy” or “David”, they have personalized whistles for each other, than can be recognized and established from miles away. When dolphins are killed from a pod, the members feel remorse much like humans do. They can become sad and depressed, mourning over their lost family member. This makes it even more brutally devastating when humans kill
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