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The Cultural Impact of American Television Shows and Hindi Daily Soaps on the youth in Manipal University: A Comparison Michell Mathias School of Communication, Manipal University Registration Number: 120701098 Class: BAJC 6th Semester, Section A Course Name: Media Seminar and Current Affairs Date: April 15, 2015 Abstract: Television as a medium of globalization is evolving and spreading throughout the globe. Initially, about 20 years down the lane, Indians would prefer watching Hindi daily soaps, but with invasion of foreign television channels; Indians, especially in urban areas are now shifting towards foreign television shows rather than watching Indian soaps, this is because they find it more versatile and relatable. This research…show more content…
Here, globalization means the exchange of knowledge, trade and capital. This has led to deviation from one's own culture and the adaptation of other cultures. India, is known throughout the world for its deeply rooted Indian values. However, even this is slowly and gradually being affected by the globalization bug. Mass media is an significant aspect when we speak about globalization. Mass media could be in the form of radio, television, print or even the world wide web. It plays a powerful role in giving us knowledge while explaining the cultural differences between different nations. Television viewing in India started with India's first channel called DD National. Soon several other private channels came into being. These television channels now play a key role in influencing people in the way they dress, mannerisms, interaction with opposite sex, violence, drinking and smoking. Now, with the recent influence of globalization the youth in India are gradually shifting from watching Hindi daily soaps to American television shows. These shows are making them more westernized causing a gradual decline in the acceptance of Indian…show more content…
Here, American Television means television shows such as drama, crime shows, sitcoms, etc. and not movies. And with the daily Hindi soaps running on television with the same plot and same drama, Indians tend to prefer more of American television to which they can connect to in reality rather than watching the same unrealistic television drama. When it comes to consumption of international programs, Archita Verma (2000) says that prolonged exposure to international programs would enhance people's behavior to disapprove the existing social norms of the Indian society (Archita Verma, 2000). In a similar research conducted by A. Felix, Elizabeth Thomas and Arockia Jenifer on the impact of westernization on Indian culture, they noted that, westernization has caused many people to reject traditional norms and altered their daily lives to follow western norms (A. Felix, Elizabeth Thomas and Arockia Jenifer, 2013). Heavy viewing of foreign television programs leads to the acceptance of western sexual norms like dating (Vijayalakshmi, 2005). This given research paper compares the cultural impact (lifestyles, attitudes and beliefs) American television shows and Hindi daily soaps have on youth in Manipal, in

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