Ethical Issues In The Frozen Ground

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In The Frozen Ground movie, Alaskan detective Jack Holcombe (Nicolas Cage) believes that Robert Hansen (John Cusack) is the serial killer who has been abducting young girls, torturing and sexually assaulting them, then eventually, killing them. However, the detective did not have enough proof to get a search warrant or anything on Hansen. However when he finds out that one of the serial killers girls escaped from his house, he does his best to try to get evidence from her and to testify against him. But, it goes rough due to the face that she is a drug addict with trust issues. Therefore, Hansen must gain her trust and use her to stop the madness of the serial killer. In the movie The Factory, Buffalo, New York detective Mike Fletcher (John Cusack) is an obsessive police officer who is partnered with Kelsey Walker (Jennifer Carpenter). Both of them are working on a case to find the serial killer who has been targeting young prostitutes and abducting them. He also tortures, sexually assaults, and kills the women he does not want, the rest he locks them up in his…show more content…
Which I think was a good fit because if you think about it a serial killer movie has to suspense and dark and the winter makes that visible to the audience. You will not really see serial killer movies with a sunny and beautiful setting. It just will not go with the mood. In this movie they also had snow storms which made one of the car chases they had more intense. The same thing goes for The Factory, which takes place in the city Buffalo. During the movie it is very cold and a lot of snow is on the ground. The cold, snowy, winter setting really does affect the suspense of the movie. It makes it thrilling and good to watch John Cusack’s character do all that running around in the cold. If I am not mistaking, his character does not take off his coat at all in this movie, that’s how obsessed he was of finding the serial killer and his

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