Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Motivation

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To run a decent organization, the organization shouldn’t only focus on the finance and the profitability but they have to focus on their employees too. This is because employees are the building blocks of an organization. Their attitude and behavior will affect the entire organization either it be good or bad. They can either build up a very successful organization or destroy one. So how the organization treats its employees will reflect in their work in the organization. If the organizations have to be successful they have to focus on three things that will help them grow and be more profitable. Firstly it’s the recruitment and selection of the employees. Recruitment and Selection of employees is very important because it’s the initial stage…show more content…
There are two types of motivation Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is when the individual motivates himself to do better. Intrinsic motivation usually deals with the individual’s emotion and mind set. In the work place the individual himself has to motivate himself about various factors that will keep him in the job. For example: a middle class employee will have to self-motivate himself because he knows that he has to support his family and build a future. That’s the kind of motivation that he would need to perform better at work. Intrinsic motivation is much more powerful than extrinsic because it has something to with the individual himself. Extrinsic motivation is when the individual gets motivated by the external factors around him. It deals with the external atmosphere and rewards such as money, positions, recognition etc. for example when an employee get a higher salary than he used to get before it would motivate him to do even better the next time as he knows that the organization would show the appreciation for his work. In the role of management, they are more capable or successful by motivating the employee with…show more content…
One of the key elements of their success is by motivating the employees. They consider it as an important factor in the process of production. They believe that labors are not machines and the only way to motivate them is not just by money. Starbucks employees are been given equal treatment no matter what the grade of the employee is. The managers in Starbucks and the supervisors along with the staff are called ‘partners’. Due to this it helps to form a closer relationship and the employees are happy to work in that comfortable atmosphere which is also being reflected in the business. The customers are very overwhelmed by the service that they get from the staff of Starbucks. Starbucks also has a very organized way of satisfying their employees. They have an organized channel of communication with their employees, they conduct weekly interviews to what their employees need. All the employees are offered with facilities like vacations, discounts for the employees, medical insurance, etc. Starbucks also supposes that debt financing is not the best choice, in this way it picked dispense stock profit to every last bit workers with a nothing scrip issue. So motivating the employees of an organization is a key role to keep the business running successfully and

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