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Silence of the Lambs Film Essay In the movie Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling, an FBI Academy student is given the mission to speak to Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist who is behind bars at a mental facility for being a cannibalistic serial killer. The main goal is to get as much information as possible from Lector regarding Buffalo Bill, another serial murderer the FBI is pursuing. These individuals believe that Lecter may be the key to cracking open the case and Starling seems to be the perfect candidate to seduce the answers out of this mastermind. She is portrayed as an attractive young woman who also seems mysterious and this intrigues the Doctor throughout the entire film. Lecter makes it very obvious that he indeed…show more content…
I had already seen several of his movies and his acting I believe is simply incredible to say the least. In this film he undoubtedly gave the best performance of his lifetime. His facial expressions were in parallel with his character and I was frightened yet intrigued throughout the entire film although not much action was occurring. Most of the film was just extensive conversations with Lector but use of several tones and pauses kept me engaged and wanting more! Honestly, I have never been a fan of horror films, which is why I had never visited this film, however, after the experience I concluded that this picture has no resemblance to modern horror. Every scene of this work was perfectly sculpted to engross the audience to make them a…show more content…
For example, when Clarice was in a room full of police officers, the camera was placed at a high angle looking down at all of the officers and other characters in the room. This usually occurred whenever the setting was a large, open room with many characters. It also occurred whenever a room was entered to show the off-screen space of the surroundings. The low angle shots were used whenever the camera was behind Clarice while she was talking with someone taller than her, for instance, Hannibal and Agent Jack Crawford. These techniques were meant to represent how controlling and dangerous Hannibal and Buffalo Bill could be towards the population. In every shot their presence is always superior to all the other characters. This augments to the suspense by working in parallel with the camera lighting which in many scenes was positioned in a way that casted a shadow over Hannibal as he is talking with Clarice in his cell. This creates a sense of obscurity and makes it almost impossible to foresee what his next move will be since we’re oblivious to his facial expressions and body

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