The Reasons Why Individauls Lie Cheat And Procrastinate Essay

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1 The reasons why individauls lie, cheat, and procrastinate Most people lie, cheat, or procrastinate to get out of something that they did not prefer doing. They do this to deny jobs that were not pleasant, cheat on a test in order to pass, and make up excuses in school when they did not do their homework or projects. According to the author of “The Liar in Your Life,” Bob Feldman, a lot of people in the population of this world lie and do not have feelings of remorsefulness or guiltyness. On college facilities, students have famous notorieties for putting things off till the spur of the moment or neglecting to finish assignments or tests whatsoever. Cheating is seen by educators as so pervasive that we create intricate…show more content…
Lies and reasons expand on one another and make their existence. Individuals who lie about their past, change their story and tell one that does not seem “so bad or awful.” The next time they have to tell that same story again, the made up story or lie becomes part of their long term memory. Psychologist call this source memory. It is our review for where something happened to us, it can be broken, and we overlook that we told that minor lie. As per the cognitive clarification and explanation, lies and reasons develops each other and make their specific expected truthful memory. The third reason to these behaviours is protection of positive sense of identity. This less reasonable view our feeling of self, or personality. Individuals have the need to believe that they are always fair, honest and that they never lie or cheat. They will go through and experience numerous types of mental shenanigans to keep up this perspective, even when their behaviour is in immediate clash and conflict with “reality.” Rather than admitting that they had lied, cheated, or conned, they change and twist the facts so that in their minds they did not lie or

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