Why Is Peta Bad

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Kevin Ramos March 2, 2015 Mrs. Franks English III AP 1st The Irony of PETA Due to their influential for the ethical treatment of animals, many people do not realize that PETA actually impacts the community in a negative way, therefore giving PETA a bad reputation of the way they supposedly treat their animals. PETA is one of the highest non-profit organization that protects animals and their well-being, was founded in 1980 (Winerip, Silverstein). They operate in multiple countries and have a total of 3 million members and supporters (Silverstein, “Our Mission Statement”).On the contrary PETA one might say is a great pretender in the animal world, because they have been reports of PETA killing and euthanizing many innocent animals that have the potential to be adopted (“Hypocrites in the slaughterhouse”). The No Kill Advocacy Center calls PETA “little more than a slaughterhouse”, since they are euthanizing at the least a 90% of the animals that are in their so call “shelter” (“Hypocrites in the slaughterhouse”).…show more content…
PETA believes that the no-kill policy is an unachievable goal, also the vice president of PETA, Tracy Reiman, said that people think they can save all the animals (Winerip). Reiman said this in a way that made the public feel like they do not even try to achieve the no-kill policy. The President of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, said “the killings are necessary to help the animals” (“Hypocrites in the slaughterhouse”). This is one of the many irony PETA has about their so call “goals”, because if you are an organization that help the animals then why must they kill the animals they supposedly
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