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Ban Animal Testing Dr. Richard Klausner, a former director of the National Cancer Institute, once said, “The history of cancer research has been a history of curing cancer in the mouse. We have cured mice of cancer for decades and it simply didn’t work in humans” (Cimons M.). In this statement, Klausner is pointing out a serious flaw in animal testing by stating curing cancer in mice has been done but yet humans still have to face cancer. Mice are not the only animals being used to find cures in cancer, and there have been little advancements from testing animals. People’s views of animal testing for human privilege has a variety of personal and religious views attached to the discussion. The love someone has for an animal and the love a person…show more content…
Expensive may not be the right word to describe animal research as animal research is a multibillion dollar industry. A huge part of this multibillion dollar industry is the commercials and the lofty expectations in which the commercials must live up to. Animal testing has a direct effect on environmental safety, the health of the public, and is an economic downfall. The acquisition and care of the animals in the labs is a huge factor to the expense. Birds, mice, and rats put together over 90% of the animals in research for human diseases (Cimons M.). However, this is not because they contain the closest anatomy to humans and will provide the most accurate results. These animals are inexpensive compared to other species, have little maintenance, and are easy to dispose of without being placed in the public eye (Cimons M.). Not only are millions of animals being used and billions of dollars being spent on cancer and human disease research, but around 95% of the cancer drugs that infiltrate human clinical testing do not pass; giving animal research a reputation of being a waste of money and time (Cimons M.). The expense of animal testing is not only a money issue but also one of life and death. Thousands of innocent animal and human lives have been lost. If death is not caused, some damage has been done in both life forms. There has to be a less expensive way to…show more content…
Alternatives are now being found for animal testing that can replace the need of animals or rodents. In certain testing, such as studying cell cultures in a petri dish can provide more adequate results versus the use of testing animals that are far too different from the human anatomy. During the studying of cell cultures in a petri dish, actual human cells are used giving a more accurate result and a closer step to find cures for diseases and cancer (Should Animals Be Used). The other testing options seem to give scientists a new hope for a brighter future in finding a cure in human diseases and cancer. Along with the brighter future, it seems to be more economically sound. Animal testing has proven to be unsafe, expensive, and inhumane, but there are also other factors that tie in with animal testing. With knowing the downside to animal testing and knowing there is more efficient ways, there needs to be a change, and the change needs to happen

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