Similarities Between French And Irish Revolutions

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In the review of both the French and Northern Ireland revolutions, many similarities and differences appear. In this paper, the similarities were identical or very close to each other. Such similarities included, very poor economic standing, very weak voices in government, rigid social structure, peasant uprisings, and religion played a part in both. Differences that were notable but fewer were, the internal conflicts were different and their radical parties. When examining the similarities of both revolutions, the first thing present was the economic turmoil both nations were facing. The two nation’s people faced enormous taxes and exuberant national debts. The French’s national debt was caused by the reckless spending of the first and second states (the church and the nobles), while Ireland’s debt came from being the only source for taxation for England after the Americans revolted.…show more content…
In the Northern Ireland, they had the IRA, or Irish Republican Army; while in France they had the committee of public safety. While looking at the violent and bloody actions both had done, they both believe it was for the greater good of the revolution. While around 17,000 people died by guillotine, the guerrilla warfare raged by the IRA was far worse. The IRA lead attack on towns slaughtering innocent lives, boomed buildings, and also executed people by firing squads, killing thousands. Also, the IRA had the common people, while the Committee of Public Safety was run by an elect few people. In conclusion, although there are some major differences between the two revolutions, the two revolutions, at their core were basically searching for the same things. The freedom to govern themselves, religious freedom, and support their families. An interesting fact about the IRA, is it continued even after the revolution ended, and continued to be anti-government and also very

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