Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Lulu Fitri Febriani 1506676784 Animal Testing Should Be Banned Have you ever heard about animal testing ? Animal testing is the use of animals for experiments. Animal testing for research is a complicated thing to be discussed. This is because there are many different opinions about using animals for research. Some people agree, and others disagree if it is necessary or not and I’m that one who disagrees to the use animal for research. Well, some people think it is necessary to do test on animals but in facts, animal testing is bad science, and it is not about saving the lives of animals, it is about human life too. The people who support these animal testing say that it is necessary to do test on animal. There are reasons why they support these animal testing. Fisrt, they think animal experiments may help us to find…show more content…
Why ? The result of animal testing that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they are too dangerous or do not work. It is because humans and animals do NOT have same bodies. The second is animals are not ours to experiment on. They feel pain and fear too, just like us. Last, animal experiments are unreliable when applied to human beings, as I’ve told you before that in fact, 92% of the products that used animal testing, ends up as a failure 2. Well, animal testing is not always the best way to test our products or drugs. For example, A body shop is all againts animal testing but until now it is safe for human. It proves us that we do not need to kill any animals to make good products. In the name of humanity, animals are not for research, even when people think it is the only way, but it’s not. It kill animals and humans too. In terms of many different statements about this case, testing on animal has to be stopped. Animals deserve to live their lives

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