Should Animal Testing Be Banned Essay

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Animal Testing Humans health has been improved because of animal testing, new medicine and vaccines have been discovered through this process. These creatures have made it possible for us to discover new and effective medicine to save hundreds of lives. Without these test humans might not be where they are now. The human race could have been extinct if scientists did not discover polio, antibiotics and other drugs. In order for scientists to create new medicine and vaccines, they have to be able to test on animals. But now these poor animals are being tested for unnecessary things such as allergic reaction for cosmetics and skin care products. They have to go through painful processes and are kept in cruel conditions just because people lack in confidence and or not satisfied with how they look. Even though people’s lives and health has been improved. Animals have to suffer for this to happen it is not fair for the animals, which is why animal testing should be banned. Those who are in favor of animal testing may say that human health has been improved because of animal testing. All most anything that a person consumes or applies on his or her skin has been tested on animals to make sure that there is no allergic reaction or does any harm to the body. “Biologists believe that chimpanzees share at least 98.4 percent…show more content…
Without these results many lives could have been lost. Animals just need to be taken better care of, pain and suffering needs to be minimized. Scientist should study and pay more attention to natural ways to cure health issue. Because this will benefit the the human body in the long term, and no harm is done to the body. Scientist should also pay attention to substances that animals are allergic to because these substances could be used by humans. Even though humans and animals share similar DNA, but what is safe for an animal is not always safe for humans to

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