Ecogenix Case Study

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3. What Would You Recommend to the Entrepreneurs to Improve the Business Plan? I would recommend that the EcoGenix introduces its financial plan in the business plan. The financial plan would evaluate and present investment opportunities available. In addition, the financial investment enables the organization estimate its financial requirement and viability. For example the financial plan would contain the pro forma statement, break even chart, and cost control The pro forma income statement uses the sales forecast and operation cost for the last few years. However, it would require the EcoGenix to discuss all the assumption underlying the administrative, sales and general expenses. This is because the cost determines the income the company would achieve. The pro forma income statement would also facilitate the cash flow analysis to achieve the efficient financial operation. Pinson (2008) indicates that project cash flow depends on the expected cost and expenses during the year.…show more content…
In that capacity, they leveraged the company to accomplish high technology in Malaysia and part of Asia Pacific area. The founders built their goal with respect to solid qualities to reduce the environmental degradation. This was a worldwide challenge which influenced generally nations. The PESTEL analysis demonstrated that EcoGenix comply with legal social and environmental requirement. EcoGenix is quite attractive and have high opportunity due to its business plan. The market analysis, general description, and organizational strategy contained in the business plan for success depict a considerable measure of future development. Nonetheless, EcoGenix's business plan needed a detailed financial plan include cost control, pro forma income statement and break even graph to achieve the objective. Accordingly, EcoGenix is a viable business

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