Critical Analysis Of Dulce Et Decorum Est

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Ethan Lu 1.10 Response 1 & 2 Poetry 10HF PRC 2018 Wilfred Owen wrote Dulce et Decorum Est and Disabled during WWI, never before had I realised how horrible war truly is. I felt that Owen wanted to disabuse people of the notion that war is a heroic and noble enterprise. Owen’s poems forced me to understand that war can shape people greatly, both physically and mentally. I have always enjoyed playing laser tag and war games because they are entertaining and exciting, however after reading Owen’s poem, I am having second thoughts. In the poem Dulce et Decorum Est, Owen uses gruesome imagery to show his dislike of war. After a gas attack, Owen tells us how the eyes of one of the victims is “writhing in his face”, because of the pain that he…show more content…
In a simile, Owen tells how the skin of the soldier’s face is peeling off, so it looks like the face of a “devil”. From this, I could imagine how painful it would be to have the skin of your face eaten away by chemicals. This seriously triggered my emotions, and challenged my previous understandings, I use to disagree with the fact that some games have restricted age limits, but now I understand the purpose. I know for a fact that killing and shooting people in the virtual world can be easy, however, to take someone’s life or seeing someone die in reality is much different, the guilt and the horror can drive someone crazy. At the end of his poem, Owen emphasises his anger and rebuts the idea of “Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.” through…show more content…
Instead, war is atrocious and barbaric, soldiers are tortured and the aftermath of war can be even worse. The two poems describes the negative influences on soldiers from war, they demonstrate to the reader that battle and fighting is extremely violent and people will get harmed during the process. Dulce et Decorum Est is based more on the events at war and describes short-term consequence, the tone is aggressive and Owen rebels against the propaganda; however, in Disabled, the tone is calmer, and illustrates the long term effects and the irreversible outcomes. Disabled is more emotional and the use of emotive language truly portrays war as a “Horrific Nightmare”. Owen's poems emotionally touched me and forced me to realise the reality of war and challenged me to consider the feelings of the soldiers that suffer greatly from this “horrendous nightmare”. I am also shocked at what the government is doing to make young men go to war, and ultimately, this made me believe that the “propaganda” told is a complete lie. Owen strongly disagrees with the “propaganda” and false story telling of how war is a glorious act. These two poems made me realise that we are currently making the identical mistake of providing war information through games or films. Young men can even be immersed into the scenes of war through virtual reality and this desensitises people to war. We always need

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