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To fully understand why clinical leadership is important it is of value to fully understand the term ‘clinical leadership’. What do the terms clinical and leadership mean? Who does this refer to? The term clinical is easy to define. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “Relating to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather then theoretical or laboratory studies.” The term leadership however is more difficult to define and despite vast amounts of research, there is no consistent definition. Research challenges this term and decrees it to various aspects of what leaders do, the people they influence, the traits they possess, values they believe in, an individual’s experiences and the context within which the term is utilised.…show more content…
The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the largest publicly funded health services in the world employing about 1.7million staff, of which just under half are clinically qualified. The government is placing pressure on the NHS to make saving in access of £20 billion in the next two years, while maintaining and also improving the quality of care to its users. However this issue is not so easily resolved as the NHS is a complex system in that it’s architecture, the organisation, the networks, the behaviours, the cultures, decision making, management, leadership and power all interlink and constantly change to form a myriad of multifaceted issues – wicked problems. (Koh, Clegg & Deighan,…show more content…
It directed cheaper, more convenient care and improved quality of care by enabling healthcare services to be more accessible (delivered in communities), integrated (multidisciplinary) and patient centred with more patient choice and clinical decision making at the centre of the reforms. This report outlined that “clinical leadership become a stronger force within the NHS” (Darzi, 2008 pp 73), so as to identify ad implement new models of care. This review detailed that undergraduate curriculum for all clinical professionals be developed to enhancing leadership skills. This led to the inquiry into Modernising Medical Careers (Tooke, 2008) and the development of the Medical Leadership Competency Framework (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, 2011) as well as the Modernising Scientific Careers (Department of Heath, 2008) and the development of the Clinical Leadership Competency Framework (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, 2011) which details how all professionals would have exposure to management and leadership during their training. Postgraduate Fellowships in leadership and management are also being

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