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Identify and briefly summarize what the supervisor’s company does, and your job within it (as applicable). Summarize the supervisor's job. I chose my brother Ali Inam, Ali works for Airserv Cooperation at Dulles International Airport. Ali is an account manager at Airserv and he has been with the company for almost ten years. I used to help my sister who is a payroll manager and works in the same company as Ali. This is how I am aware of Ali’s leadership styles. In my opinion, what makes Ali a great leader is that he always understands oneself and he is a true leader and a team member, and knows how to build a great team and passionate about customer service. His work duties are Leadership of daily operations, strategic planning, data analysis,…show more content…
Coming from Ali employees, their company gained a lot new revenue. Gain new clients and contracts, Ali is always in touch with other airlines and he never miss a chance to introduce the services they offer to Ali is always passionate about his work. He is strongly committed to his work mission, vision and strategic objectives of Airserv Cooperation. To motivates his employees, he recognizes them and rewards them. Part III: 5 points Identify what secondary leadership style's your supervisor may also exhibit - as available. Provide at least two examples of how the supervisor represents this style. Be specific. Charismatic would be the best secondary leadership style Ali exhibits. Ali always tends to listen to his employees and their opinions, creates a very friendly work environment and has great customer service. whenever there is a problem with a contractor he makes sure that he gets involved in it and solves it. Even sometimes he interacts with customers to make sure that they are getting excellence customer service. Ali confronts reality and Organize open door agenda for something unexpected comes up. Part IV: 10 points Describe why you feel the style(s) you identified for the supervisor can be both good as well as bad. Support your statement with examples, what impact would this style have in a healthcare environment?…show more content…
Which is good for the company the way they can gain new clients and offer more services. However, some people get so used to their same habit every day and they don’t like change. This is where the challenges take place in the work environment. In a healthcare environment, this change can impact many employees how an example, implementation of electronic Health Record can be challenging for many employees. further training and help from great leaders can help them achieve their goals and implement the change. Transformational leadership style would be great in healthcare because implementing changes would be a great for an organization. for the people who have been working for the organization or a practice for a long time. Who are not great when it comes to technology. Good thing about charismatic leadership style is that it creates a friendly work environment where everyone wants to work at. Also this is when work does not feel like work. Although, there can be risk when taking such big projects from other airlines or vendors and hiring more employees. in healthcare being charismatic gives great influence and positivity to coworkers and

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