Why Is It Important To Ancient Egypt?

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You are standing there in front of a cave watching a man making a necklace out of animal bones for a necklace, that man is ripping the meat and fat away from the bone. As year’s past, you are now wearing a charm in the 1890’s that Queen VIctoria made popular. Charms are more interesting than you think. For instance, your who knows how great grandma or grandpa wore wood, stones, or animal bones for jewelry. It might have been connected with love, magic, mystique, or protection from evil spirits. Charms could have also been made with clay hung on corn shucking or a strong bending string like chain. Nowadays we have fun cute designs like a locket or family crest that’s colorful. In Egypt charms were used to protect the loved ones in the afterlife and to ward spirits. In Egyptian Pharaohs times Elaborate jewelry was made precious stones and metals. In Egypt the charms was also used as I.D. tags to help the God’s to guide the wearer. There was lucky charms ( not the cereal kind, ) that has the god’s, magical signs, animals, or hieroglyphs. Egypt’s jewelry was made by colorful stones like the turquoise color. Neolithic era men would pick unusual stones or pieces of wood. They would carry it with them to ward enemies off.…show more content…
It went from pieces of wood or stones to a fashionable look. It now has small lockets, glass beads, and family crests that’s now hung on a metal or bronze chain for a bracelet or necklace. English queens and kings wore amulets or for protection. Even knights wore amulets for protection in battles. Queen Victoria proved that she was a champion of wearing beads and charms. The queen made charms even more popular after Prince Albert

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