How Did Religion Influence Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Ancient Egyptian culture flourished around religious effects that impacted them with new developments of Egypt religion. It had a huge impact in their society since their civilization due to their advance in bureaucracy of a strong hierarchy. It is based on their indigenous beliefs of their own traditional worships of gods that influenced Egyptians who were profoundly religious, advanced in the modernization of technology and severely separated by roles of each gender. The evolution of Egypt's divine kingship shaped the ideology of religion that became apart of “ an integral part of the daily life of every Egyptian” (Mark, Joshua J). Religion was important in Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians practiced and worshipped many Gods and Goddess. In fact, Egypt religion first started out from monotheism, belief of only to one god, and developed its society to an ethical code of…show more content…
It was there for enforcement and protection under a god that they will worship to amend peace and posterity. In addition, the beliefs in the origin of divine royalty was an important factor in controlling the aspect of the social order of Egypt’s government. This, of course, lead to the pharaoh. The pharaoh who was believed to have magical powers and a descendent from the gods that was designated into a human being in able to provided peace and protection among the Egyptians. Pharaohs were defined as a god and a king in which brought people to honor the dignity of “idea of the unity of God” (Schipper, Bernd U). It brought the justice of lifes based on ma’at. The ideal feature of ma’at was to bring order and control over Egypt. Ma’at is also considered a goddess which Egyptians worship. Akhenaten as a pharaoh, for example, defined that law which brought the religion of monotheism onto the Egyptians which didn’t settle it in much. He had based his rule of monotheism, or again believing that there is only one god, to

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