Compare And Contrast Mesopotamia And Egyptian Civilization

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Today in our current society there are many similarities from our history many years ago. When you look at different cultures and different hierarchy’s we have, it’s becomes very apparent that things are still relevant from certain parts of our world history. The topic I chose is in what ways did Mesopotamian and Egyptian Civilizations differ from each other? There are many reasons and supporting details why these two civilizations differ. Egypt seemed to be more optimistic mainly due to the fact the Nile River was very predictable and flooded, usually flooded around the same time every year. The biggest outcome of this was crops were not destroyed and Egypt was protected from invasions, along with a very sustainable agricultural system. Overall Egypt’s civilization was more unified it seemed more than Mesopotamia. When you compare Mesopotamia rivers Tigris and Euphrates they both flooded which lead to damaged crops leaving them to be less optimistic about everything. A major factor here is with these things happening it left Mesopotamia very open to invasions, environmental issues and major conflict. One important factor both civilizations shared is they both carried an extensive long distance trade system with each other along with other areas.…show more content…
The level for Mesopotamia to stand on was between Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Both of these civilizations were created around an extremely important source which would be water. It is very common that a civilization starts around an important source. The water was important for both for many reasons. The most important reason was mainly agriculture. As many of Egyptian's paintings have shown, grain was a very important resource in this society. As in Mesopotamia the planting wasn't just limited to just the rivers where they flooded. Mesopotamians used

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