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Ancient Egyptian Medicine and the Ebers Papyrus Jason Neary Mid-Michigan Community College Ancient Egyptian Medicine and the Ebers Papyrus Medicine is very important to the well being of humanity and has been practiced for a very long time. One of the oldest known forms of medicine is found in ancient Egypt. In this paper the origins of Egyptian medicine, the doctors, medical techniques, and remedies will be discussed. Origins of Egyptian Medicine The early Egyptians were a very isolated civilization. This was because they lived close to the Nile River. At that time the river was surrounded by deserts so they had little contact with outside civilizations. This allowed their culture to evolve separately from other cultures in the general…show more content…
It is not known where exactly in Egypt it came from like many of the other papyrus scrolls but most people think it came from a tomb by the Nile River in Luxor. This is a very important scroll for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it is very long so a lot of information can be learned from it. The second reason is that is it covers surgical information from trauma victims. However one of most important things about this scroll is that it was the first ancient Egyptian scroll to not use magic for diagnosing and treating patients (Nunn,…show more content…
First prevention was extremely important. They realized the importance of cleanliness when dealing with illness and tried to stay clean The Art of Medicine in Ancient Egypt (Allen, 2005). When someone needed treatment they tried many different remedies. Most of the treatments used were discovered by trial and error (Allen, 2005). They would try magic along with a lot of natural remedies. Honey was used along with water lilies. Honey was used because at works like a antibiotic so wounds heal faster (Reeves, 1992). Water lilies were eaten for use as a painkiller. Opium was also used as a sedative (Allen, 2005). One of the most important forms of treatments that the Egyptians realized that worked was TLC. The Egyptian doctors would be extremely compassionate and sympathetic (Nunn, 1996). They also used mandrake that they got from the Palestinians because it had atropine in it. To clean infected cuts they used oil of fir (Reeves,

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