Rosetta Stone Hieroglyphs

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The Rosetta Stone By Thomas Halloran Hieroglyphs are a written language used by the Ancient Egyptians, this form of writing is primarily made up of picture symbols and drawings. The Rosetta Stone was a crucial part of deciphering hieroglyphs for mankind. The Stone is a large piece of dark grey granite. Carved by the Egyptians in 196 B.C., the Stone contains a portion of text reflected in three scripts. One of the scripts, hieroglyphs, had not been deciphered when the Stone was discovered. The other two scripts are Demotic and Classical Greek. Demotic comes from hieroglyphs although it was simplified to be used in everyday life.. The Stone was discovered by the French at the end of the 18th century. The Rosetta Stone was the key to…show more content…
The treaty of Capitulation basically says that because the French were kicked out of Egypt anything in the contracts between the French and the Ottoman Empire is invalid and the British get to keep the artifacts found by the French. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire a lead scholar at the time and other scholars did not want to surrender their work and demanded that they go with their collection to England, instead of surrendering them. Hutchinson allowed the French Scholars to keep their collection, but demanded that he have the Rosetta Stone. A French statesman who was a general in the war name Menou thought the Stone was his private property didn’t want to let it go. Menou finally let the British take the Stone, he wrote,”You want it, Monsieur le Général? You can have it, since you are the stronger of us two...You may pick it up whenever you please." The Stone was picked up from a warehouse in Alexandria by Colonel…show more content…
Wealthier citizens houses were made of multiple layers of mud brick, as the lower class citizen’s houses were one brick wide. There was not a big supply of wood in Egypt so only the wealthier citizens were able to obtain some for their doorways and window sills. They had linen clothing un-dyed, the men usually wore a knee length skirt and the women wore an ankle length skirt or robes. Marriages were not arranged among the lower class citizens and there is no formal ceremony. Egyptian women could own their own land, home, business, and even be pharaohs. Swimming was important in Egyptian culture, children were taught to swim at a young age. The Egyptians enjoyed water jousting, the point of game is there are two people rowing a small boat with one person standing up jousting against other

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