Conflict Resolution In Ancient Egypt

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Life Lesson: Conflict resolution is key to a long lasting society. Historical Support & Argument: Throughout this unit, I noticed an overarching lesson: in order for a civilization to thrive for an extended period of time, it must be capable of resolving conflict. Ancient Egypt, from its birth to destruction, lasted for over three thousand years (Notes, WebQuest #1). This longevity is due largely in part to the ability of Egyptian nobility to resolve conflicts, such as in the case of Narmer. King Narmer was arguably Egypt’s first pharaoh; the man who united the small, tribal villages of the Nile Valley into what would later become the kingdom of Egypt (Video, WebQuest #1). If Narmer had not stepped up and taken charge of the situation it…show more content…
However, Egypt’s conflict did not end here. A power struggle between Upper and Lower Egypt brought an end to the Old Kingdom and the beginning of the First Intermediate Period. After years of back and forth struggle, Upper Egypt finally won and united the civilization once again; this was the dawning of the Middle Kingdom (Notes, WebQuest #6). Similar situations have destroyed countries and civilizations. What made Ancient Egypt different was its ability to come back through periods of division. This example clearly shows us that the only reason Ancient Egypt was able to survive for so long was because its rulers and people were adept at resolving civil conflict. In concluding this paragraph, we can see that over the course of its three thousand year lifespan Ancient Egypt survived only because of its ability to overcome conflicts, such as the uniting of…show more content…
If we are incapable of addressing and fixing tension in our daily lives we will never be able to develop meaningful relationships. This would also leave us helpless in making large, governmental decisions that would affect the lives of all citizens. This makes me wonder whether or not we are actually capable, as a society, to overcome huge conflicts as a cohesive unit. I think the root of this problem lies in the fact that we do not make a conscious effort to develop good problem solving skills in our daily lives. If we cannot overcome obstacles in our own homes, we cannot be expected to contribute to overcoming obstacles involving our nation. I think the solution to this starts in our schools. By encouraging kids to solve difficult problems and to not shy away from conflict, we breed in them the ability to apply these skills to other aspects of their lives as they get older. I believe this is the only way to solve the problem I have presented as it gives people the opportunity to see conflict resolution in action, and shows them why it is necessary. We cannot hope to follow the example of the long lasting Egyptians, if we are uneducated on the subject of resolving infighting and

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