The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

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Editorial Working Too Much? Are you spending time on the most important things in your life, or is your work consuming your time? The average American works approximately 47 hours a week, when in their contract it asks them for about 40 hours, that's almost an extra 8 hour day. So then which ranks more: work or missing your wife or watching your kids get older? You should rank family first over anything. The book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, Randy really emphasized the question ,” Are you spending your time on the right things?” Randy was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and given only months to live leaving behind his wife and three kids. He was very work oriented before the diagnosis. He then turned into making memories with his kids so that they would remember him. He regrets not making those memories sooner, just so that he could make more.…show more content…
You need to be able to have a break.Yes, you can’t survive in today's society without money and the only way you can legally do that is if you were born a millionaire or if you work but think of all the memories you miss with your family for every hour you work extra. It could be a date night with someone special to missing the first word of your child, a school play, watching your daughter get ready for homecoming, seeing your son score a touchdown in the school's football game. It could be anything. Not only is the stress on you then, but also your kids. Before you know it, they will be out of the

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