Why Is Hatshepsut A Better Ruler

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Hatshepsut was the first or second female ruler of Ancient Egypt. She was the daughter of King Thutmose and later wife of her half brother ThutmoseⅡ. When ThutmoseⅡbecomes ill and parishes, Hatshepsut becomes regent to her stepson Thutmose Ⅲ, who was just a child. As Thutmose Ⅲ becomes older, Hatshepsut tries relentlessly to stay in power. She even goes as far as to proclaim herself pharaoh. After ruling for more than twenty one years, she became one of the most influential pharaohs of her time. When comparing Hatshepsut to Thutmose Ⅲ, it is clear to see Hatshepsut was by far a much better ruler. The first reason why Hatshepsut was a better ruler than Thutmose Ⅲ was that she was more experienced. Early records indicate that King Thutmose

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