Why Is Florida A Wonderful Place

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Florida is a wonderful place to live and to visit. Even in the small towns in Florida, there are many things to see and do. There are many theme parks in Florida, such as Disney World in Orlando, Busch Gardens in Tampa, and LEGOLAND in Lakeland. Another wonderful place that people come to Florida to see is the beaches, such as South Beach, Delray Beach, and Clearwater Beach. One of the main reason people come to Florida is for the weather. Florida is a great place to live because of the beaches, weather, and the theme parks. Disney World in Orlando is made up of four parks. There is the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. The main and most popular park of the four is the Magic Kingdom, which is where Cinderella’s Castle…show more content…
Spread along a restricted, 3-mile stretch of the Pinellas Peninsula on the Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach stra ddles the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and peaceful Tampa Bay to the east. South Beach is a worldwide play area offering non-stop nightlife, sandy shores, one of a kind building design and a lot of gorgeous sight. Keeping in mind it may not be the Caribbean, the water is as clean and clear as the Atlantic gets. Delray Beach, at Ocean and Atlantic Avenues is a beguiling town by the ocean. Every year, about 1 million guests herd to this family-accommodating 2-mile-long shoreline perfect for sunbathing, swimming and sandcastle building. At the point when the sun goes down, guests take a walk around bubbly Atlantic Avenue, getting a charge out of the boutiques, fish restaurants, cool building design and the Pineapple Grove Arts…show more content…
The normal temperature in the state amid the winter months is in the low to mid 60's (close to 20c), incidentally getting up into the high 70's (close to 25c), despite the fact that ice is not unprecedented (particularly in January and February), so a light jumper/sweater is regularly required actually amid the day, and a wool or lined windbreaker an unquestionable requirement around evening time. Florida has early and warm springs and long falls frequently enduring great into December, with sapphire-blue skies, low stickiness, and just exceptionally periodic showers. Highs in the spring and fall drift in the low 80s (20-22c). Summers are long, hot, and muggy, (70% or more) with temperatures in the state averaging in the high 80's to mid 90's(30-35c) amid June, July, and

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