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Summer Hensley Mrs.Pond English 10 28 October, 2014 Jimmy Carter was an influential political leader and effective president,as well as a dedicated philanthropist. Carter’s childhood background, education, and military experience contributed to his leadership abilities and his eagerness to serve the United States. Carter was not only excellent at serving nation,but also a phenomenal father and husband. Carter contributed to some remarkable organizations. These, too, are things that helped shape Carters leadership quality. James Earl Carter Jr. was born on October 1,1924 in a small farming town called Plains,GA. Jimmy grew up during the Great Depression. Jimmy and his family were significantly well off compared to most. Jimmy father Jimmy…show more content…
He began a two-year campaign that slowly started to gain strength. At the Democratic Convention Carter was placed on the first ballot. Carter chose Senator Walter F. Mondale of Minnesota as his running mate. Carter ran against Gerald R. Ford, After fighting with him three times Carter won with 297 to 241 votes. While Carter was in office he tried to work hard to abolish the continuing economic woes of inflation and unemployment. Carter though that by the end of his administration he would be able to see a major increase in eight million jobs and a decrease in budget deficits. Unfortunately that was not the case, inflation and interest rates were at record highs,and the efforts to lower them caused a short decline. President Carter has had many achievements while in office,but most of these were in domestic affairs. Carter dealt with the energy crisis by creating a national energy policy and making domestic petroleum prices to help stimulate production. He also sought to make the environment a better place. This involved his expansion of the national parks systems to help protect 103 million Acres of Alaskan lands. Also to increase human and social services nationwide. He also appointed a lot of people to government jobs, but when it came to foreign affairs carter was one of a…show more content…
Carter had been looked upon as a defender of human rights and a man who has worked for many charitable causes. To end that, Jimmy founded the Carter Presidential Center at Emory University in Atlanta,GA. The center opened in 1982 and was devoted to human rights issues and democracy issues. Also Jimmy and Rosalynn work with Habitat for humanity International,An organization that is world-wide that helps provide housing for underprivileged people. Though project like these Jimmy has maintained a high-profile,He is often seen helping habitat for humanity on

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