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Arthur Volupides, the husband of a famous movie star was pronounced dead last night around one in the morning. His wife, Queenie Volupides, informed us that her husband had fallen down the stairs while descending to get another drink from the kitchen. She found her husband at the bottom of the staircase after she came home from the country club but further investigation might prove otherwise. Despite her flawless appearance, closer inspections reveal Queenie being the murderer of her husband's death. Arthur’s body was found immediately at the bottom of the main staircase lying on its back. An unbroken and empty drinking glass was found in Arthur’s left hand. Objects on the wall were in their place and looked to be untouched. There were no wounds to Mr. Volupides and the carpet surrounding Mr. Volupides was neat and free of any blood from the fall.…show more content…
Volupides’ death was an accident does not seem entirely possible. Mr. Volupides’ drinking glass remained in his hand despite his fall. The glass was found in his left hand, and if he accidentally fell he would have likely reached out for the railing on his left side. This leads us to conclude that the glass was possibly placed in his hand after his death. The items that line the staircase wall are untouched and have lead us to believe that Mr. Volupides might have not died from falling down the stairs. When we saw that Mr. Volupides was laying on his back we questioned whether it was possible for one to simply fall without trying to catch himself. Mr. Volupides was found finely dressed, in light of which we concluded that if he had fallen by accident his clothes would have been found in disarray. According to Queenie's friends, Mrs. Volupides was unsure as to whether Mr. Volupides was dead when they arrived; however, she did not attempt in their presence to revive Arthur. This leads us to believe that it is highly likely that she already knew he was

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