Edgar Allan Poe And Stephen King: Pushing The Boundaries Of Horror

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Some would say that having an imagination that pushes the boundaries of horror is a blessing, while others say that it is a curse. Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King are considered legends because they have redefined the definition of terror. Both writers are gifted with the talent to keep you up all night wondering what maybe lurking in the closet or underneath the bed. The similarities between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King are fascinating, and they deserve thorough examination; both of these successful New England writers focus on the horror genre and introducing a new level of fright to the readers. Pushing the limits of fear is what made the two popular worldwide. Similar in more ways than one, but contrasting in many others, the differences between these two outstanding writes are clear. Although they are in different generations the two writers represent the horror genre, but they have different ways of using words to strike fear into the hearts of their readers. While Edgar Allan Poe focused more on poems, Stephen King focuses more on novels.…show more content…
His work has influenced us since it was printed in 1827, it is always leaving us wanting more. Edgar Allan Poe was born to two washed-up actors in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809. His father could not handle the responsibility of a family and abandoned his wife and three children, leaving Edgar’s mother to try and support them the best that she could. Traveling from place to place his mother would try and find a job with acting, but that soon became too stressful and started to affect her health. In the final months of 1811 while in Richmond, Virginia she became ill and died leaving her children parentless. Edgar then was taken in by a rich tobacco merchant named John Allan. John refused to adopt the boy, but would encourage Edgar to become and

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