Hispanic Culture Research Paper

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Hispanic are the third largest minority in the United States and are growing at a rapid pace. Furthermore, past and present Spanish touched our lives for the change of Hispanic Americans. Currently, the overview of Hispanic culture has broadened their minds on old and new traditions and customs. In many ways, Hispanic Americans has gone to long without broad representations in American. With this in mind, history has shown Hispanic rising in U.S. geographically, politics and social status. In addition, Hispanic Americans still struggling against discrimation and poverty. Overall, Hispanic Americans have accomplished many things through their journeys. Hispanic or Latinos is a group defined by Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South/Central…show more content…
Although, they still face difficulty in gaining acceptance and achieving economic security. Hispanic American culture have took their place in politics, public service, military, business, sports plus entertainment industry. It is quite an acknowledgement Hispanic Americans generally speak in their own native language. Spanish is usually spoken around family and friend they know very well. English is the universal language only recognize in the general community. They have become the most influential groups in American today. Hispanic American have triumph by establishing many victories thru what is a part of American culture. Hispanic have a beautiful and unique culture which is share with everyone. As Hispanic it is important to learn and teach their children about their culture and language so it can be pass on to the next generation. In other words, their goal as Hispanics is to not lose the practice of their customs and traditions responsibility. The Hispanic family is a close-knit group and the most important social unit. The family unit usually extends beyond the nuclear family. Hispanics usually place great value on appearance as a sense of honor,…show more content…
This has become the stereotypical picture of a people whose determination and character are as strong as or stronger than that of the Polish, Jewish, Greek, or Italian who arrived in the United States in the early 1900's. Hispanic cultures may be facing many obstacles and barriers but these changing are bringing demographics into a single world market. Many minority populations throughout the United States are projected to grow through 2050, including the population of those of Hispanic origin, which is expected to nearly triple (Martin, Nakayama 12). Now, the population of Hispanics in the United States has reached numbers that are finally drawing that attention of schools, state offices, the federal government, and the marketplace. As the new, largest minority, as well as the largest bilingual group, in the United States, Hispanics are finally being recognized as a group of people with the potential to grow. Despite differences among Hispanic cultures, being able to work successfully together has become ever so important. Once the Hispanic population identifies that its future is very profitable they will receive the recognition it so rightfully

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